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We live in a connected generation. Everywhere we look, from cell phones and texting to social media, interactive gaming and Starbucks, people are connecting in new ways. Leaders today must likewise connect and learn new skill sets in order to keep in touch with those we are responsible to.

That is the Reason for FaithConnect Leadership Forum. Actively relating with peers, receiving knowledge and personal input keeps our leadership fire burning. Without input, we run the danger of just doing things the same way and risk losing touch with the very generation we are called to serve.

Church leaders need each other. We are finding our experience as church leaders much more vibrant when we interact, collaborate and develop understanding with others in a meaningful way. Leadership skills are both taught and caught as we invest ourselves in keeping our gifts honed and building new skills and adding fresh knowledge.

The truth is that our generation has grown tired of selfish success teaching at the expense of community and has woken up again to the knowledge that life is meant to be shared and is most fulfilling when we experience community. FaithConnect Leadership Forum offers many ways to experience life with others including equipping conferences, apostolic input, strategic planning assistance, missions opportunities, men, women and youth conferences, online networking, marketplace webcast seminars & so much more.

So don’t miss out – get connected and meet colleagues, build your faith and have fun!

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